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The eGo range comprises three models, one integrated player and two transports, all built on the same principle and combining advanced technology with simplicity. The read-out/transport system is none other then the renowned Philips CD pro Aluminium, which is a reference in the field. The mechanism is mounted directly on top of the chassis, and suspended as with the finest analogue LP turntables, and combines the pleasure of a visible rotating disc with complete isolation from external vibration. A delta-sigma 24 bits/192 Khz converter with differential output, low phase shift analogue filter, switched calibrated resistor network for volume control, ultra low noise Class A amplification, dedicated power supplies, are further features, according to the model chosen.
Models eGo Phase 1 and 2 are CD transports offering alternative digital standards and outputs, for connection to a D/A converter. Model Phase 2 also offers a balanced analogue output and is equipped with an asynchronous sampling rate converter.
Model eGo Phase 3 is a full CD player with built-in converter, pre-amplifier and volume control, for direct connection to a power amplifier.
Whichever your choice of model, the eGo range removes the barriers between you and the music.
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